10 fun autumn activities for adults [epic edition]

Nov 24, 2022

Autumn is here. And with it, cold days, fog and gloomy mood. Instead of moping around, autumn is the perfect time to get involved in some extraordinary activities. After all, the mystique, the cosiness and everything that classically comes with autumn lend autumn activities their very own flair.

However, we are not talking about walks in the woods, movie nights or wellness weekends. Even though these autumn activities are great, Team Spyra is up for more thrills and excitement. And besides, you can also find these suggestions in thousands of other lists. We, on the other hand, have compiled our most exciting and adventurous autumn activities so that you too can make your autumn an unique season. Let's get started.

#1 Take a ghost tour in autumn

Besides cosiness, autumn stands for one thing above all: Halloween, ghosts, witches and the supernatural. You can experience this at first hand on a ghost tour through your city. Many events in autumn revolve around visits to old bunkers, underground passages or churches with mysterious legends. City tours that tell the mystical stories of the cities are also high on the agenda of autumn activities. There are similar tours of large cemeteries, which, in addition to being a place for the dead, are also places of interest. Especially in the morning or evening hours with fog, hardly any light and few visitors, these tours have their charm. 



#2 Do a mud run in autumn

Autumn is wet and muddy. We all know that. While kindergarten kids get splash pants on while playing outside, you can get nice and dirty on so-called mud runs. Mud runs are obstacle courses that are particularly well known in America. You run a kind of marathon, except that it is peppered with obstacles that have to be overcome by crawling, climbing, sliding, shimmying, etc. Of course, the mud is not neglected in all these obstacles. In our opinion, if your physical condition allows it, you should experience such a mud run once in your life. The atmosphere, the fellowship, the fun - the experience is unique.



#3 Go on a Cider Crawl 

Autumn = apples everywhere you look. And with it, cider in many restaurants, in bars and at weekly markets. In some cases, cider is even celebrated at its own festivals. For those who have run away from the pleasure so far: Cider is an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of apples. Especially if you have apple farmers or privately run organic markets near you, be sure to pay them a visit. It's worth it. The cider there is incredibly good!



#4 Train your water fight skills in autumn

You might be thinking "Water fights in autumn?! Isn't it a bit cold for that?!" Yes. It is. But no one is talking about water battles. It's about improving your water battle skills and making your opponents look old next spring. To perform well in the next water battle, you need two things above all: accuracy of aim and a high reaction speed.

And you can train these skills with the SpyraBlasters even when it's less than 30 degrees outside. Thanks to the SpyraBlast technology and the powerful, individual blasts, the Water Blasters are also fun aside from wet water battles. Try catching an object in mid-air (no, not birds, but things you threw up in the air yourself just before). Or build a pyramid out of cups and challenge your friends to a 1-on-1 battle. Get more inspiration for cool trick shots in our blog post or on TikTok.



#5 Host a Murder Mystery dinner party in autumn

Who doesn't love playing Sherlock Holmes and solving mysteries? At a Murder Mystery Party you can find the murderer together over a good meal. For the framework you need a Murder Mystery box, in which you will find the story about a murder that usually happens either during dinner or before the party starts. The guests slip into the roles of the characters and solve the mystery together. The more authentic the guests are in their roles (we also talk about costumes), the greater the potential for an entertaining evening.



#6 Use an outdoor hot tub in autumn

We may have initially said that we think wellness is 08/15, but we still have to list a subsection of it. Have you ever lain in an outdoor whirlpool in fog, drizzle and candlelight? It may sound super cheesy, but even our toughest men love it. Whether on your own veranda, in a hotel in the mountains or in a spa - the flair is unique. While your body is surrounded by hot water and properly bubbled, you breathe in the cold, typically fragrant autumn air. For more action: choose good music, turn on the LEDs and add a drink of choice.



#7 Go zip-lining in autumn

Zip-lining is the autumn forest walk for adrenaline junkies. The mood is the same: brightly coloured treetops, the scent of nature and damp forest floors, peace and reflection. But peppered with a little action, the trip into the forest quickly turns into an adventure. Venture into the heights and race through treetops over several hundred metres.



#8 Stay at a haunted hotel in autumn

Hotels as places of unredeemed souls, haunted by mystical figures who make their mischief there. Haunted hotels are not for the faint-hearted. What may seem harmless during the day becomes a creepy experience at night. Many horror stories revolve around this type of hotel. Many of them also concern visitors from the recent past. If you do decide to spend the night in a haunted hotel, don't be put off by paranormal activities. Nothing is normal here.



#9 Go to a local sports event in autumn

Old but gold. You wouldn't believe how many sporting events your own town offers. Be it a football game, a hockey game or a basketball game, many of these county league level events can be attended completely free of charge. Pack drinks and snacks - if allowed - and cheer along with your favourite team.



#10 Rent a boat for the afternoon

Spend an autumn day on the water. Have your own boat and let yourself drift with the waves. Undisturbed and in the face of early darkness. Some like fishing, others will use the time to relax, listen to good music with friends and play card games etc. The possibilities on a boat are almost endless. If the boat has a warm retreat, afternoons on the water are a great activity in the autumn. Boat hire usually continues until late November. So be quick and round up your friends.




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Autumn activities don't have to be boring. There are plenty of ways for young people and young-at-heart adults to enjoy autumn. Don't just stay at home for a cosy movie night (even if that is sometimes appropriate), but experience something. Autumn has its own charm. Use it to your advantage.


COVER PICTURE / Jan Huber on Unsplash ▪️ CHURCH PICTURE/ Chris Karidis on Unsplash ▪️ CIDER PICTURE / Ross Sneddon on Unsplash ▪️  DINNER PICTURE / Antenna on Unplash ▪️ HOT TUBE PICTURE / Erik Mclean on Unsplash ▪️  ZIP-LINING PICTURE / Perry Grone on Unsplash  ▪️ HAUNTED HOTEL PICTURE / Ján Jakub Nanista on Unsplash ▪️ SPORT EVENT PICTURE / Nick Jio on Unsplash ▪️ BOAT PICTURE / Datingscout on Unsplash



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