The SpyraLX™ is ready for any water battle - whereever you are and whenever you want. With the SpyraBlast and Pressure Tech, you are one step ahead of everyone.
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SpyraLX™ - The SpyraLX™ is ready for any water battle - whereever you are and whenever you want. With the SpyraBlast and Pressure Tech, you are one step ahead of everyone.
Top 5 Questions

What's the difference between the SpyraLX™, the SpyraThree™ and the SpyraTwo™?

The SpyraTwo™ and SpyraThree™ are our fully automated blasters. They come along with an auto-reload which refills and repressurizes your blaster in under 10 seconds. On top, they have a digital display to be in control of the tank and battery status at all times.

While the SpyraTwo™ is made for the ultimate Gameplay with one game mode, the SpyraThree™ is your buddy at any occasion. You can switch between three different play styles: Open mode for freestyle, burst mode to have a blast with three blast by one trigger and league mode for ultimate gameplay. The SpyraLX™ is our manual SpyraBlaster. It comes along with the signature SpyraBlast tech and contant pressure but is refilled by muscle power.

How far can the SpyraLX™ shoot?

With the SpyraLX™ you can hit targets up to 9 metres away with pinpoint accuracy.

What's the advantage of the manual SpyraBlaster?

The SpyraLX™ is ready when you are. It does not have a battery but is always ready for use. No need to recharge it before an important water battle. The SpyraLX™ is your best choice for an spontanous adventure. Also, it doesn't mind a little bath in the pool. It breaks the surface as strongly as before.
Does it hurt to get hit?
The individual shots are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but you shouldn't be knocked out by it. The game must go on, right?

How do I refill the SpyraLX™?

To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo into a water source and fully load and repressurize in a few pumps. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
James M.
Excellent customer service

Purchased 2 guns last summer. When I got them back out this summer noticed one gun had a trigger problem. Notified Spyra customer service and provided proof of my issue and they had a new gun in the mail for me within days. I was impressed!

Great Customer Service

Spyra GmbH:

Terrific! I say it again: terrific! The term customer service is given a new definition when it comes to Spyra communication with customers and service that follows promptly and without hassle. The first water gun we bought leaked and did not hold pressure for very long. I wrote them an email and PRESTO! It was replaced post haste with no argument and no postage. And the new one, now a week or ten days in use, works as promised and has the range and power advertised. Most important however was the hassle-free replacement and the prompt service. Remarkably professional, prompt, and pleasing. Thank you.

Isaac R.
Great customer service

I ordered two water guns, they showed up, one worked better than the other, making it not much fun for the kids, I went through the return process and they replaced it very quickly. Right on! Thank you for the great customer service.