Step by step

1. Switching On/OFF

Switching your SpyraThree ON/OFF is a breeze, just press the button positioned below the handle. Conveniently located right next to the ON/OFF button, is the charging port for your USB-C cable, so you can recharge your device anytime.

2. Reload

To reload your SpyraThree™, simply submerge it in clean tap water and push the trigger forward. It's that easy!


Use the switch on the side of your SpyraThree™, to choose from three epic game modes that each provide a unique and exciting gameplay experience.

4. Shooting

After the initial charge, pull the trigger back and start shooting against a nearby solid surface and don‘t forget to switch through the three epic GAME MODES.

5. Storage

To store your SpyraThree™ away properly, shoot until the display shows '00' and then pull the trigger for 4 sec. ('--' appears). Once this is done, switch off your Spyra and store it in a cool, dry place until your next water battle.

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Enhance your game.
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